Plants and trees ____in the forest. My friends ____ to catch the bus. Greta ____ for her backpack. Stars ____ up the sky. Dwayne ____ to catch the ball. Harlan ____ my bicycle. A fly ____ by my ear. Coach Carr ____ us how to throw. The dart ____ the target. Mom ____ my muddy shoes. I ____ for the ticket. He ____ very cold. They ____ when we score. You ____ the truth. It ____ later than 6:00. Cows ____ in the field. She ____ out a funny movie. The train ____ down the tracks. He ____ orange juice every day. Flowers ____ in the spring. The student ____ books in the library. We ____ at the joke. I ____ the best shortcut. He ____ the paints. They ____ around the block.

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