I'm new in a town and I haven't got any friends., I want to go on holiday with my friends but I haven't got any money., It's my mum's birthday next week and I don't know what to buy her., I'm going to a wedding next week and I don't know what to wear., I've got an important test tomorrow and I don't know anything., My computer is really slow., My younger brother often borrows my books and CDs without asking., I feel tired all the time but I go to bed early and I sleep a lot., I invited my friends to dinner but I can't cook., I want to try a new hobby in my free time but I don't know what., I'd like to set up a blog but I don't know how to start., My dog ate my homework., I want to improve my English pronunciation., I'm always late for school., I want to be famous., I'm a shopaholic. I can't stop buying clothes and accessories. , I often feel tired., I need to get a new smartphone but I don't know where to go to get one., I want to be sporty..

EC A2 Plus Unit 5 - What should I do? - giving advice





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