As two big tears landed on my passport I was ushered away with great haste. - showed where to go quickly, My initial smugness at how well I was coping almost entirely deserted me when I arrived at my luxury hotel. - the quality of being too pleased/satisfied with yourself, I had a nagging feeling I hadn't yet made it to the New York of the movies. - continuing for a long time and annoying, My stomach lurched. I really had made it. - moved suddenly in an irregular way, I slowly dawned on me that being on my own meant I was entirely free to do what I wanted. - I realised a fact after a period of not knowing/not understanding something, I determined to travel the world unhindered for the rest of my life. - without anything/anyone making if difficult for me, without obstacles, I have been repeatedly warned about the ferocity of the customs staff. - being violent and frightening, I was a little apprehensive about how I would manage on my own the next morning. - worried, I criss-crossed up and down all the streets. - moved in a pattern of lines, The electric jolt I felt on seeing the stars and stripes surprised me. - 1. shock or surprise, 2. a sudden violent movement,





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