1) What is Anna doing? a) She is reading a book. b) She is sending text messages. c) She is going to the library. 2) What are the boys doing? a) They are watching TV. b) They are taking photos. c) They are playing computer games. 3) What is Betty doing? a) She is going shopping. b) She is going to the library. c) She is listening to music. 4) What are the girls doing? a) They're listening to music. b) They're watching TV. c) They're phoning their friends. 5) What are they doing? a) They're taking photos. b) They're reading books. c) They're going to the library. 6) What is Charlie doing? a) He's playing computer games. b) He's watching TV. c) He's going shopping. 7) What is mum doing? a) She's sending text messages. b) She's playing computer games. c) She's phoning her friends. 8) What is the boy doing? a) He's phoning his friend. b) He's sending text messages. c) He's reading books.

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