1) After she ... TV, sh made lunch. a) had watched b) watched 2) When Steve came home, Tina ... tea. a) made b) had made 3) By the time Sue arrived, Harry ... the clothes.  a) had ironed b) arrived 4) Before she ... to the supermarket, Dora had made a shopping list. a) went b) had gone 5) Simon's eyes were red because he ... all day. a) had cried b) had been crying 6) They were happy because they ... video games for a long time. a) had played b) had been playing 7) They ... all day yesterday.  a) had been skiing b) had skied 8) The Smiths had been sailing for a month before they ... in Italy. a) had been arriving b) arrived 9) Steve had been waiting for 90 minutes before the schoolbus finally ... . a) arrived b) had been arriving 10) How long ... he ... at the company before he left? a) had worked b) had been working 11) I ... for long when you called. a) hadn't been sleeping b) hadn't slept 12) Sam ... me yesterday because he had been studying for the whole day. a) had been calling b) called 13) ... you ... for long before the bus came? a) had been waiting b) had waited 14) I ... in the rain for a very long time. a) had waited b) had been waiting

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