1) I think you should ...... eating so much sweets. a) pick up b) give up c) top up 2) Mark ...... a cold when he was jogging in the park. a) went off b) went on c) picked up 3) Mum always ...... me when I'm ill. a) takes up b) checks out c) looks after 4) This soup ...... . Don't eat it! a) went off b) hung out c) fell out 5) Anna and Jeremy ...... and broke up last weekend. a) found out b) fell out c) hung out 6) Why don't you ...... joga if you want to relax. a) take up b) check out c) give up 7) I forgot to ...... my phone and can't call my friend now. a) get on with b) top up c) pick up 8) Let's ...... the weather forecast for tomorrow before we go hiking. a) check out b) go on c) look after 9) I have to ...... what happened to Dennis. Is he in hospital? a) take up b) go off c) find out 10) Luke and Danny ...... each other and are best friends. a) get on with b) hang out c) go on 11) Where do you usually ......? At the skateboard park? a) find out b) hang out c) give up 12) What is ...... here? Tell me right now! a) checking out b) going on c) topping up 13) My dad ...... smoking last month, which is fantastic! a) gave up b) picked up c) fell out 14) What is Ally ...... ? Has she lost her glasses again? a) getting on with b) looking after c) looking for 15) Don't ...... so easily! Keep trying! a) give up b) go off c) top up 16) Did you ...... why Lisa and Tommy aren't talking to each other any more? a) look at b) check out c) find out




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