It got very late so we decided to ____ ____ and go back home in the morning. You are allowed to have one carry-____ ____. There are so many mosquitos and flies! Do you have any ____ ____? I feel sick. I'm going to vomit. I need to take some ____-____ pills. Don't sunbathe too much and use a ____. It will protect your ____ from burning. The battery in my phone is very low. Do you have a ____ ____ We went on a ____ ____ to London for three days. Nowadays you can book flight tickets for very cheap.  There are many ____-____ flights. I'm going on a ____ ____ organised by a local travel agency. During the ____ ____ we saw the Old Town, the Cathedral, the castle and a museum. It is a ____ ____ for children between 8 and 13. It takes place in August. I love trains. We can go on a ____ ____. An amazing place that not many people know about is called ____ ____.  ____ ____ is feeling tired after a flight due to time difference. ____ ____ is a place that attracts many tourists and where things cost more than usual ____ ____ ____ ____ is a very special holiday that you remember forever ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ is having a holiday in a place that is very different from where people normally live and work when there are a lot of tourists we say there are ____ ____ ____  ____ ____ ____ ____ means where not many people go




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