1) “The accident was all my fault”. --> He admitted _________ a) causing the accident b) to cause the accident 2) She suggested ______ a quiet evening at home. a) to have b) having 3) He reminded me _____ all the doors and windows. a) locking b) to lock 4) He advised them ________ very careful what to say to her. a) to be b) being 5) She apologised _____ about our appointment. a) for forgetting b) to forget 6) He insisted on _________ every picture in the gallery. a) to see b) seeing 7) My mum warned us against _________ those plates. a) to touch b) touching 8) My mum warned us ________ those plates. a) to touch b) not to touch c) to not touch d) touching 9) My brother denied __________ the last biscuit. a) eating b) to eat 10) The prisoner claimed _________ innocent. a) being b) to be 11) He threatened ______ me. a) to kill b) killing 12) The man offered _____ me a lift. a) to give b) giving 13) Our guide explained where __________. a) the cathedral was b) was the cathedral 14) The government is trying to persuade consumers ________ more. a) save b) to saving c) to save





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