1) You _________put away your clothes before you go to bed. a) should b) can c) shouldn't d) mustn't e) shuld f) can't 2) I ________ do the ironing, but my mother doesn't let me. a) can b) have to c) must d) mustn't e) should f) shouldn't 3) You ________wash the dishes in cold water. You need hot water to clean them. a) can b) shouldn't c) don't have to d) have to e) can't f) should 4) It's OK, you ______ go on holiday with Uncle Gordon. a) mustn't b) can't c) don't have to d) must e) can f) have to 5) Jemma _____ go to bed earlier if she feels tired. a) shouldn't b) can c) can't d) doesn't have to e) don't have to f) should 6) My mother said I ______ spend so much time on my computer a) can b) can't c) have to d) shouldn't e) should f) don't have to 7) No, you ________ have any ice cream. It's time for dinner. a) can't b) shouldn't c) should d) can e) must f) mustn't 8) You _______ feed the dog before you go to school. Don't forget! a) must b) can c) can't d) shouldn't e) should f) have to

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