Do you use the internet to learn new things?, Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?, What do you think would be the most interesting job to do?, What’s your favourite food?, Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?, Which time of year is your favourite?, Do you prefer traveling by train or plane?, Have you ever used English while traveling?, Do you ever go to concerts?, How often do you read newspapers?, Do you like shopping?, Tell me about your favourite film star., What do you use the internet for?, Who are the most important people in your life?, What do you enjoy doing with your friends?, Tell me about your best friend., Do you normally go out with family or friends?, Do you have a favourite newspaper or magazine?, Who do you spend your free time with?, Do you enjoy reading?, Is there a sport or hobby you enjoy doing?, What sports do people play most in your country?, Is there a sport you’d really like to try?, Which country would you most like to visit in the future?, What are you going to do this weekend?, Are you going to do anything special this weekend?, Do you think computers will replace newspapers and TV in the future?, Do you plan to study anything in the future?, Is there anything you'd love to be able to do in the future?.




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