1) Have you been saving for something for a long time now? 2) Have you been learning something for a long time now? 3) Have you been paying for something unnecessary for a long time now? 4) What have you already done today? 5) What haven't you done this week yet? 6) What have the students in the classroom just done? 7) What were you doing when it started to snow yesterday? 8) What were you doing when you found out that coronavirus had arrived in Poland? 9) What were Poles doing in Krupówki when the police came? 10) What did you use to do as a child that annoyed your parents? 11) What were you like as a child? 12) What did you use to look like as a child? 13) How long has the world been waiting for Covid-19 to disappear? 14) What have you been dreaming about? For how long? 15) What surprising situation have you found yourself in recently? 16) What life goals have you achieved so far?

Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous




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