1) The giraffe is...than me. a) tall b) taller c) taler d) taller than e) taller then f) tall then 2) Russia is...than Poland. a) big b) bigg c) biger d) bigger e) bigger than f) bigger then 3) Chocolate is...than pizza a) bad b) worse c) badder d) bader e) bed f) worser 4) The new car is ...than my old one. a) good b) gooder c) goodder d) better e) beter f) bet 5) The USA is ...from Poland than Germany. a) far b) farer c) further d) faring e) furer f) futher 6) Cocoa Cola is better...Pepsi. a) than b) then c) them d) tan e) ten f) tem 7) The desert is ...the jungle. a) hot b) hoter c) hotter d) hot than e) hotter than f) hott than 8) The snake is ...than the lion. a) thin b) thinn c) thiner d) thinner e) thining f) thinning 9) Today is ...than yesterday. a) sunny b) sunner c) sunnir d) sunnier e) suny f) sunier 10) My father is ...than me. a) busy b) buser c) busyer d) busi e) busier f) busyier




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