1) If you add air to ..., it burns.  a) wood b) metal 2) If you heat ice, it ... a) melts b) vaporates 3) You are ... if you exercise. a) fit b) unhealthy 4) If you ... white and red, you get pink. a) combine b) mix 5) If you are cold, I will ... the door. a) shut b) open 6) If she doesn't arrive by five, we will leave ... her. a) with b) without 7) If I have time I will ... Adam today. a) visit b) not visit 8) If you don't study, you will not ... the exam. a) pass b) fail 9) I will bring you cd if we finish ... a) later b) earlier 10) If I were you, I would ... a new job. a) find b) lose 11) If I were him, I wouldn't eat while ... a) sitting b) driving 12) If I were her, I would find ... a) shelter b) school




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