Do you prefer watching or playing sport? Why?, Do people your age do enough sport?, How can young people be encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle?, Are there enough places in your town to do sport?, Should there be more opportunities to do different sports at school?, Why are some sports less popular than others?, Is it better to do sports individually or in a team?, How can people who don't enjoy being competitive be encouraged to get fitter?, What kinds of sports appeal to you most?, Do you like to push yourself when you play sport or do exercise? Why or why not?, What is your main motivation for doing sport or exercise?, Are there any new sports you would like to try? Which ones and why?, Taking part is more important than winning. Do you agree? Why or why not?, Do you think you need to join a gym or exercise class in order to get fit? Why?, Some people say that it can be difficult to find time to exercise or cook. What do you think?, Do you agree that you have to spend a lot of money in order to be fit and healthy? Why? Why not?, Apart from exercising and eating well, what else can you do to stay healthy?, How important do you think it is to choose a form of exercise that you enjoy? Why? Why not?, What could you say to encourage someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise or healthy food?, How important do you think it is to spend some time outdoors every day? Why?.

FCE Speaking Part 4: sports, health & fitness

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