1) Who is John Montagu? a) the King of England b) the Earl of Sandwich c) the Prince of Wales 2) What is Sandwich? a) a park b) a forest c) a town 3) Where is Sandwich? a) in the kitchen b) in England c) in France 4) Does the Earl work hard? a) Yes, he does. b) No, he doesn't. 5) Has he got time for lunch? a) Yes, he has. b) No, he hasn't. 6) What does he want to eat? a) a salad and chips b) two carrots and some potatoes c) two slices of bread and some meat 7) What does he do in his free time? a) he plays basketball b) he plays cards with his friends c) he does karate 8) How do his friends feel? a) hungry b) tired c) sleepy 9) Do they like the Earl's invention? a) Yes, they do. b) No, they don't. 10) What do they call it? a) an "earl" b) a "burger" c) a "sandwich"




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