____ player is a gadget on which you can listen to music. ____ camera is a gadget with which you can take photos. ____ player is for watching films. e-reader works as an electronic ____ ____ is a gadget on which you can play games ____ is a gadget which you use to call someone, text someone. ____ instant messages ____ to music ____ files to my computer ____ photos with my phone ____\call a friend ____ video games ____ video clips ____ interesting films ____ the internet ____ a novel ____ my emails My ____ is dead. I need to charge my phone. I use ____ to play games on my games console. I bought a new ____ to type emails quicker. Has your computer got enough ____ to download so many pictures? I downloaded my presentation on my ____ to take it to school. You can also charge your phone from your laptop's ____.





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