1) My dad ... his friend just before he passed away. a) has phoned b) had phoned c) had phone 2) As soon as they ... he escaped from the house. a) arrived b) had arrive c) had arrived 3) My mum ... and right away she got wet. a) had left b) had leave c) had lefted 4) The dog ... 5 pizzas and then it couldn't move. a) had eat b) had ate c) had eaten 5) Sarah was tired because she ... late at night learning with Colin Rose a) had stayed b) had stay c) had slept 6) My cat was hungry because I ... any food for it. a) hadn't leave b) hadn't left c) have left 7) She came back late because she ... the bus. a) had misses b) had miss c) had missed 8) My friends got lost as they ... a map. a) hadn't take b) haven't taken c) hadn't taken

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