1) I _____ (break) the cup. a) breaks b) broke c) have broken d) has broken 2) She ______ (eat) the apple. a) has eaten b) have eaten c) ate d) eat 3) They ______ (not use) the plate. a) hasn't used b) haven't used c) didn't use d) doesn't use 4) He ______ (not wash) the mug. a) hasn't washed b) haven't washed c) didn't wash d) don't wash 5) We _____ (drink) the water. a) drank b) have drunk c) has drunk d) drinks 6) She _______ (slice) the bread. a) sliced b) have sliced c) has sliced d) slices 7) She ______ (make) the tea. a) made b) has made c) have made d) makes 8) You ______ (eat) the cake. a) ate b) eat c) has eaten d) have eaten




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