1) We[go] skiing as soon as the snow [cover] the slope. a) went, had covered b) had gone, had covered c) had covered, went 2) When I [finish] my morning jog, Kate [already/have] breakfast.  a) finished , already had b) had finished, had already had c) finished, had already had 3) She [stop] playing volleyball after she [suffer] a knee injury. a) had stopped , had suffered b) stopped, had suffered c) stopped, suffered 4) I [cannot] dive because I [not take] my wet suit with me. a) couldn't , didn't take b) couldn't, had not taken c) couldn't , haven't taken 5) Monica [do] many sports before she [take up] athletics professionaly. a) had done, took up b) did, had taken c) had done, had taken 6) Mark [decide] to go home when he [realise] that he [forget] his football kit. a) decided, realised, had forgotten b) had decided, had realised, had forgotten c) had decided, had realised, forgotten 7) We [go] to play football as soon as the rain [stop] a) had gone, stpped b) went, had stopped c) had gone, had stopped 8) I [meet] Emma when she [retire] from professional sport. a) had met, had retired b) had met, retired c) met, had retired 9) I [stop] skiing for two years after I [break] my leg. a) had stopped, had broken b) stopped, had broken c) stopped, broken 10) George [play] for the national team before he [become] its coach. a) played, had become b) had played, had become c) had played, became 11) I [can not] skate because I [ not bring] my skates. a) couldn't , hadn't brought b) couldn't, didn't bring c) couldn't , hadn't bringed 12) Kevin [be] very upset after he [lose] the game. a) was, had lost b) had been, had lost c) was, lost 13) We [feel] more confident after David [score] the first goal. a) had felt, scored b) felt, had score c) had felt, had scored 14) Ruby [lend] me her racket because I [leave] mine at home. a) had lent, had left b) lend, had left c) lent, had left 15) I [turn] on the TV but the match [already finish]. a) had turned, already finished b) had turned, had already finished c) turned, had already finished

Past Perfect (past perfect i past simple)

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