1) A turtle is really _______ a) slow b) fast 2) An ant is really ______ a) big b) small 3) Socks can be really _______ a) smelly b) loud 4) I go on the _______ at the playground a) slide b) fish 5) When I am happy I ________ a) cry b) smile 6) At night I go to bed to ______ a) eat b) sleep 7) I do well in school. I am ______ a) smart b) late 8) A _______ is long and slides around a) horse b) snake 9) In the winter it ______ a) snows b) rains 10) I am looking for my hat. I am ________ a) snooping b) singing 11) I am hungry for a _______ of pizza a) slice b) salad 12) A ________ is really slow a) tiger b) snail

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