1) The ____________ will cut your hair at 10:00 a.m. a) partner b) barber c) further 2) How much ____________ do we have to go? a) further b) furnish c) perfect 3) ____________ your things so we can leave now. a) matter b) chapter c) gather 4) Does it ____________ if we are ten minutes late? a) permit b) lantern c) matter 5) The ____________ sold his painting at the fair. a) squirrels b) artist c) carpenter 6) The teacher has many test to ____________ before class. a) furnish b) further c) correct 7) Swimming is my best ____________. a) marsh b) sport c) turf 8) Drive ten miles _____________ to go to the game. a) North b) carve c) born 9) A very large _____________is predicted. a) torch b) yard c) storm 10) Dad burnt the ___________on the grill. a) pork b) dorm c) card 11) I must get a large snack or I will ______________. a) starve b) storm c) harsh 12) That large bird perched in the ______________. a) marsh b) thorn c) scarf

Just Words Unit 9


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