1) Does your English teacher wake up early in the morning? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, you are. c) No, he isn't.  d) No, she doesn't. 2) Do you know how to cook? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, I do. c) No, I don't. d) No, we don't. 3) Does your friend like hamburgers? a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he do. c) No, he don't. d) No, he doesn't. 4) Martha and Ben ......... lunch at school. a) doesn't like  b) don't like c) don't likes 5) Do your parents drink coffee? a) No, they doesn't. b) Yes, they do. c) No, they don't. d) Yes, they doesn't. 6) The girls ... yoghurt. a) doesn't like b) don't like c) doesn't likes d) don't likes 7) Sally ... meat. a) doesn't eat b) doesn't eats c) don't eats d) don't eat

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