Today we're playing a football ____. We've been training for the local ____. Our coach wants to beat the ____. Our ____ has many fans. We are the youth league ____. Before you ____, you have to train a lot and ____. If you can ____ a ball or score a ____, you may win a medal someday. During a ____ match, spectators ____ the teams on from the very beginning. At ____, a footballer ____ the ball. There is a referee who has to blow the ____ when a player does something against the rules - like a ____, and then the others may get a ____. The winning team celebrates ____ because they defeated the losing team. If you want to ____ in the Olympic Games, you must ____ as a child. What is more, you need to ____ - this means "have enough energy to do a sport professionally". The ____ may be the best in the world and even ____. There are many different sports. Have you ever heard about ____? It is a special race where members of a team take turns running. In karate, you need to ____ your opponent. During pole vault you need to ____ very high. In handball, you need to ____ the ball into the goal to score. Volleyball players have to ____ and receive the ball. In almost every sport, you want to ____ and that means you cannot ____. You need to always ____ (do some easy exercises and stretching) before you ____and lift heavy weights. Some sportsmen skip to warm up. Before a championship or a ____, you need to train a lot and ____.





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