What is your favourite food?, How often do you go to a restaurant?, What do you usually eat at home?, Who cooks in your house?, What food do you hate? , What’s your favourite season?, What do you like to do in your free time?, What sports do you prefer?, Is there something you rarely do that you would like to do more often? , What time do you wake up?, What do you have for breakfast?, What do you usually do in the evening?, What’s your favourite TV show?, What’s your favourite film?, What do you spend the most money on?, What subject do you love?, What subject do you hate?, Describe your favourite person, Describe your favourite teacher , Where did you last go on holiday?, Do you prefer going to the sea or going to the mountains? , Do you prefer when it’s sunny or when it’s snowy?, What’s your favourite book?, How often do you read? , What type of music do you listen to?, How often do you listen to music? , Do you play an instrument?, Would you like to play an instrument? , What’s your favourite song? , What are you going to do this weekend?, What are you going to do when you grow up?, How many brothers and sisters do you have? , Do you prefer cats or dogs? , What’s your favourite animal? , What did you do for your last birthday? .

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