1) I _______ in the cafe when you called. a) sat b) sitting c) was sitting 2) When you _____ at the party, who was there? a) arrived b) arriving c) were arriving 3) We _____ our homework while mum was cleaning the floor. a) did b) doing c) were doing 4) Last Sunday was beautiful! The birds _____ and the sun _____. a) sang / shone b) were singing / was shining c) were singing / shone d) sang / was shining 5) We came back home, _____ dinner and ____ a shower. a) ate / took b) were eating / were taking c) were eating / took d) ate / were taking 6) Where ____ you go last holiday? a) were b) was c) did 7) He _____ TV yesterday from 3 to 4 p.m. a) watched b) watching c) was watching 8) They ____ us in Spain last year. a) visited b) visiting c) were visiting 9) We _____ a lesson when suddenly we ____ a noise. a) were having / were hearing b) had / heard c) were having / heard d) had / were hearing 10) He _____ dinner when his wife _____ the house. a) was eating / was entering b) ate / entered c) was eating / entered d) ate / was entering 11) I ____ the accident while I ____ with my dog. a) was seeing / was walking b) saw / walked c) was seeing / walked d) saw / was walking 12) They ____ nothing when the phone ____. a) were doing / was rining b) did / rang c) were doing / rang d) did / was ringing

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