1) Would you like ____ cheese? a) some b) any c) a lot of d) no 2) There is any tea in the cupboard. a) Correct b) Wrong 3) a bar of jam a) Wrong b) Correct 4) How ________ water do you drink a day? a) much b) some c) any d) many 5) egg a) countable b) uncountable 6) Can I have _____ chocolate? a) some b) a bar of c) any d) no 7) There is a ________ of crisps. a) jar b) can c) packet d) spoon 8) How _________ sugar do you need? a) some b) jars c) much d) any 9) cans of ice cream a) Correct b) Wrong 10) How _________ jars of honey are there? a) any b) no c) much d) many 11) _______ I have a pizza, please? a) How many b) Do c) Would you like d) Can 12) chicken leg a) uncountable b) countable 13) chicken a) uncountable b) countable 14) There are no flours in this cake. a) Wrong b) Correct 15) I'd like _______ lemonade, please. a) any b) much c) a d) some 16) butter a) countable b) uncountable 17) ___________ else? a) How much b) Something c) Anything d) Nothing 18) There ______ any potatoes. a) a b) some c) aren't d) is 19) What would you like to ________? a) please b) drink c) chips 20) Can I _________ a milkshake, please? a) do b) like c) have 21) _________ of cola a) bars b) cans c) bottles d) spoons 22) I usually have ______________ for breakfast. a) cereal b) steak c) pasta 23) Which is not a vegetable? a) cucumber b) potatoe c) carrot d) sauce e) lettuce 24) A beetroot is fruit. a) True b) False 25) sugar a) countable b) uncountable 26) Sałata to po angielsku: a) salad b) cabbage c) lettuce 27) fish a) countable b) uncountable 28) Anything else? a) I'd like a coffee, please. b) No, I don't want that. c) Yes, thank you. 29) ___________ burgers do you eat evert week? a) How any b) How often c) Many d) How many 30) There are a lot of ___________ in the basket. a) banana b) chocolate cakes c) ham d) sandwiches




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