1) How does a person feel when there’s nothing to do? 2) What’s the past simple form of feel, laugh, hear? 3) Read the answer. What’s the question? I listen to classical music. 4) Say three past simple sentences with time expressions. 5) Say three countable nouns. 6) Say three things you have a few of. 7) Correct the mistake in this sentence. I go often to the park. 8) Correct the mistake in this sentence. I read a good book at the moment. 9) Say four adjectives that describe the taste of food. 10) Complete B’s reply and sound excited: A: I want to join a gym. B: That ... 11) What two questions could you ask after someone tells you this? I found some money yesterday. 12) What's the missing word? The first thing people often do in the morning is c_____ their messages. 13) Look at the answer. What’s the question? I go to the supermarket about twice a week. 14) Say three things that you have a lot of. 15) What's the missing word? I'll pay for dinner. I have got ____of money. 16) Make this sentence negative. Marc said hello. 17) What's the missing word? I went to the cinema____night. 18) Say three sentences about what your family or friends are doing now. 19) How do you pronounce the past simple tense of need, stay and watch? 20) Read the answer. What’s the question? I usually get here at about six. 21) What's the missing word? I started my English course four weeks______. 22) Say three things you did last week using the past simple. 23) Say one thing you often do, one thing you hardly ever do and one thing you never do. 24) How does a person usually feel when something unexpected happens? 25) Say two nouns that can go with the verb spend. 26) Say two nouns that go with the verb take. 27) Does a countable or uncountable noun come after a few? 28) Say two things you have a little of. 29) Complete the sentence. To be successful, it’s important to have clear g______. 30) What's the missing adjective? I always feel r____d before interviews. They don't make me nervous.

Unit 1-2: Revision, Roadmap 2A+




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