1) Martha's parents often allow her __________ late at night. a) to stay up b) staing up 2) I would love ____________ a new camera a) to buy b) buying 3) My boyfriend is crazy about ___________ old silent movies. a) to watch b) watching 4) Why don't you practise _____________ this song again? a) to play b) playing 5) Pleas, try _____________ calm a) to stay b) staying 6) Would you mind ____________ me with this poster? a) to help b) helping 7) Tom plans ____________ us soon. a) to visit b) visiting 8) I miss ____________ my friends when I’m away from home. a) to see b) seeing 9) My sister always offers ____________ me with my homework. a) to help b) helping 10) I’ve decided __________________ Maths at university. a) to study b) studying




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