Rome isn't as old as Athens., English is easier than Chinese., The Atlantic Ocean isn't as big as Pacific Ocean., Is the Colosseum as old as the Parthenon?, That T-shirt isn't big enough; it's too small., This homework is too difficult., My sister isn't tall enough., John is as intelligent as his sister., Love is more important than money., The Eiffel tower isn't as high as the Burj Khalifa., My phone was as expensive as yours., Australia isn't as hot as Egypt., Caves aren't interesting enough for me., Katie's wardrobe is as big as her friend's bedroom., Delhi is too noisy., This view is more beautiful than the previous one., I love camping, it's so exciting!, I think this book is interesting enough., Football is more popular than basketball., Staying home was better before than it is now., Are you as fit as you were 5 years ago?, It isn't the most interesting exercise in the world..





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