1) We usually ... tomatoes but this year we ... cucumbers as well. a) grow, grow b) grew, are growing c) are growing, grow d) grow, are growing 2) I don't know if they .......... a break next month, but they always ......... so hard. a) work, take b) are taking, work c) are taking, are working d) working, take 3) My mum persuaded me ........... those English exams seriously, I should practice by .......... online exercises. a) to take, doing b) taking, doing c) take, doing d) to take, do 4) So far this year I ........... to do five races, it's a much better result than last year, when I ........ three. a) did, done b) done, did c) have done, did d) have done, done 5) I can't stand it, it's 8 p.m now! She............. that song the whole day, it's so annoying. a) playing b) has been playing c) was playing d) has played 6) It was such a hot day. People ......... fun in the park and the atmosphere ..... cheerful. a) were having, was b) had, was c) had been having, were d) have, has been 7) Do you honestly think that they ....... to support this environmental campaign? They ........ trash everywhere they go. a) are go, leave b) are going, leave c) are going, left d) going, leave 8) Wait a minute! I...... you with that, I'm younger. a) am going to help b) can help c) will help d) am helping 9) As soon as she .......... dinner, she ....... take care of her baby son. a) finishes making, will b) finished making, is going to c) is finishing, will d) has finished, will 10) Tomorrow at 10 a.m she ............. a) will lie on the Caribbean beach b) will be lying on a Caribbean beach c) will have lain on a Caribbean beach d) will have been lying 11) This masterpiece ..... by Michaelangelo and is a perfect example of fine art. a) is created b) has been created c) was created d) had been created 12) This is the studio ......... I recorded my first album in. a) where b) which c) what d) that 13) The contestant .... impressed the judges the most was Kimberly Once. a) whose b) which c) who d) whom 14) He said that his invention .............. hundreds of people in Africa.  a) would soon help b) will soon help c) had soon helped d) have soon helped 15) Martha said that .... a) she can't do it now. b) she can't do it then. c) she couldn't do it now. d) she couldn't do it then. 16) Tara advised Laura ... so much chocolate. a) not eating b) not to eat c) not eat d) she shouldn't  17) Elliot said our class .... lessons in room 10 .... a) is having, this week  b) was having, that week c) had, this week d) has, that week 18) Children wanted to know ... a) why he decided to become a lifeguard. b) why did he decide to become a lifeguard.  c) why had he decided to become a lifeguard. d) why he had decided to become a lifeguard. 19) He asked ......to children to learn to swim at an early age.  a) whether it was important b) whether was it important c) is it important d) if it is important  20) The doctor asked me how long I ..... that nasty rash.  a) have b) had had c) have had d) am having 21) The doctor wanted to know where .... a) I caught the cold.  b) did I catch the cold c) I had caught the cold. d) had I caught the cold.  22) What is .... virus you .... on your computer? a) the worsed, had ever b) the worst, have ever had c) the worst, ever had  d) worse, have ever had 23) I sleep .... after I've done a lot of physical exercise.  a) much deeper b) more deeper c) much deeply d) deepest 24) Jack .... I saw him driving a bright blue one today. a) must be bought a Harley. b) must have bought a Harley. c) must buy a Harley. d) must had bought a Harley. 25) Their computer crashed. They ..........................a virus. a) could download b) had to download c) had to have downloaded d) could have downloaded 26) It's possible that our teacher forgot about the test. Our teacher ... about the test. a) may forget b) may have forgotten c) maybe forgotten d) may have forgetten 27) My manager sent me an email yesterday. I ... an email by my manager yesterday.  a) send b) sent c) was sent d) was sended 28) Plenty of people .................the right change in that shop yesterday.  a) weren't given b) weren't gave c) didn't give d) didn't gave 29) Everyone .... a password when they go on the site.  a) were given b) was given c) are given d) is given 30) I ..........by Darren's sister tomorrow. a) am going to have my hair styled b) am going to style my hair c) am styling my hair d) will styling my hair 31) I.............about my new bank account. a) have just contacted b) just contacted c) have just been contacted d) was just contacted 32) If everyone ...., there .... less waste in the landfill sites.  a) recycle, would be b) would recycle, will be c) recycled, will be d) recycled, would be 33) I wish... a) it is warmer here in the winter. b) it was warmer here in the winter c) it wasn't so cold here in the winter. d) it hasn't been so cold here in the winter.  34) If I ..... earlier, I ..... to prepare myself better for your visit.  a) had known, would have been able b) knew, would have been able c) know, would be able d) had known, would be able 

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