1) ....... (look) round the concert hall, I was surprised to see several people I knew in the audience. a) Looked b) Looking c) Having Looked 2) ........ (decide) not to go and play tennis, the two friends went out for a meal. a) Decided b) Deciding c) Having decided 3) ....... (build) 2,000 years ago, the Roman amphitheatre is still magnificent. a) Built b) Building c) Having built 4) ....... (know) by everyone as an outstanding speaker, it was no surprise when my uncle was chosen to deliver a public lecture. a) Known b) Knowing c) Having known 5) 'Underfunding is the reason for the youth employment scheme .......... (reach) crisis point over the last few weeks,' said the treasurer at the annual meeting. a) reached b) reaching c) having reached 6) ....... (view) through a telescope, the tall ship looked absolutely magnificent (not care) about who might overhear her, Caroline said exactly what she thought. a) Viewed b) Viewing c) Having viewed 7) ....... (not care) about who might overhear her, Caroline said exactly what she thought. a) Not cared b) Not caring c) Not having cared 8) ....... (stare) hard at the horizon, I could just make out the tallest of the mounitains. a) Staring b) Stared c) Having stared 9) ....... (write) 50 years ago the, novel addresses issues still of relevance today. a) Writing b) Written c) Having been written 10) ....... (find) that he had run out of money, Peter realised there was no point in staying in town any longer. (2 possible answers) a) Finding b) Found c) Having found 11) ....... (develop) a new type of drug, the researchers found it caused few side effects in patients. a) Developing b) Developed c) Having developed 12) ........ (not understand) what the instructor was saying, one student put his hand up to ask a question. a) Not understanding b) Not understood c) Not having understood

Complete Advanced - Unit 7 - WB p35

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