absolutely - Carla was ___ delighted to win first prize., actively - They are both ___ involved in politics., badly - Several passengers were ___ injured in the accident., bitterly - They set off on a ___ cold winter morning., blissfully - He sat on the edge of the cliff ___ unaware of the danger., completely - The twins have ___ different personalities., conveniently - The house is ___ located near shops and schools., deadly - Tom was ___ serious when spoke about his plans., deeply - You could see that Bill was ___ offended by the remark., desperately - The candidate was ________ eager to please., entirely - The result was not ___ satisfactory., eternally - I will be ___ grateful for all your help., fiercely - Low-cost airlines are ___ competitive nowadays., fully - Tom was ___ aware of the consequences., heavily - The soldiers guarding the building were all ___ armed., highly - Snow at this time of the year is ___ unusual., mildly - The teacher didn't laugh, although she did look ___ amused., painfully - As a child I was ___ shy - I didn’t speak much., patently - From the look on his face it was ___ obvious that he was not interested., perfectly - It was ___ clear that Julie did not approve., readily  - Information is ___available for visitors., reasonably - Since moving to London Carla seems ___ happy.,

Complete Advanced - Unit 14 - Adverb/Adjective Collocations

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