1) Our cat - always - sleep - in the kitchen.  a) sleeps b) is sleeping 2) My sister - play - the piano - a lot these days.  a) plays b) is playing 3) My mum - usually - wash - her car on Sundays.  a) washes b) is washing 4) My friend - never - go - to the library during the holidays. a) goes b) is going 5) Our neighbor - not drive - to work this week. His car is at the garage.  a) doesn't drive b) isn't driving 6) Now my sister is three. She - get - very talkative.  a) gets b) is getting 7) My British penfriend - fly - here today.  a) flies b) is flying 8) I - not study - today because I'm ill.  a) don't study b) 'm not studying 9) read - you - a good book at the moment?  a) Do you read b) Are you reading 10) get - he - usually - the bus to work?  a) Does he ... get b) Is he ... getting

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