1) Fred got really mad because someone --- his pen. a) had broken b) had been breaking 2) The old house was still there but it --- very much. a) hadn’t changed b) hadn’t been changing 3) Her hands were dirty. She --- in the garden all morning. a) had worked b) had been working 4) We didn’t know the boys because we --- them before. a) had not seen b) had not been seeing 5) I --- for a long time when it suddenly began to rain.  a) hadn't walked b) hadn't been walking 6) Karen --- in a hotel for several months, so she was really pleased to find a cheap apartment to rent. a) had stayed b) had been staying 7) I stayed at home last night because my brother --- to play with me. a) had promised b) had been promising 8) The film --- for 10 minutes when I entered the cinema. a) had played b) had been playing 9) You --- the house before I called. a) had left b) had been leaving 10) Although Tarek --- French for a long time, he was still not confident to speak in public. a) had spoken b) had been speaking

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