1) I ___ (sit) in a cafe when you ___ (call). a) sat; was calling b) was sitting; called c) was sitting; were calling 2) Susie ___ (watch) a horror film when she ___ (hear) the noise outside. a) watched; heard b) watched; was hearing c) was watching; heard 3) What __________________ (the kids/do) at 10pm last night? It was really noisy. a) were the kids doing b) did the kids do c) was the kids doing 4) He ___ (have) a shower when the telephone ___ (ring). a) had; was ringing b) was having; rang c) had; rang 5) When I ___ (walk) into the room, everyone ___ (talk). a) was walking; talked b) walked; were talking c) walked; was talking 6) Last summer we ___ (visit) Rome, ___ (see) the Vatican, and ___ (spend) a few days on the beach. a) visited; saw; spent b) were visiting; saw; were spending c) were visiting; were seeing; were spending 7) Why ___ (you/stand) on the chair when I ___ (come) into the kitchen? a) did you stand; was coming b) did you stand; came c) were you standing; came 8) At 7 pm yesterday, Adam ___ (play) the guitar and we ___ (dance). a) played; danced b) was playing; was dancing c) was playing; were dancing 9) When I ___ (leave) the house this morning, it ___ (snow). a) was leaving; snowed b) left; was snowing c) left; snowed 10) _____ (your dad/sleep) while you ____ (cook) spaghetti? a) Was your dad sleeping; were cooking b) Was your dad sleeping; cooked c) Did your dad sleep; were cooking 11) Mum ____ (iron) when she ____ (burn) her hand. a) ironed; burned b) was ironing; burned c) ironed; was burning 12) It was a beautiful day. The sun ____ (shine) and the birds ____ (sing) merrily. a) was shining; sang b) shone; sang c) was shining; were singing 13) Alice ____ (come) home, ____ (take off) her jacket and ____ (go) to the living room. a) came; took off; went b) came; was taking off; was going c) was coming; was taking off; was going 14) While Alice ____ (took off) her jacket, her gloves ____ (fall) on the floor. a) took off; fell b) was taking off; fell c) was taking off; were falling 15) ____ (you/lose) your scarf when you ____ (ride) your bike in the park? a) Were you losing; were riding b) Did you lost; were riding c) Did you lose; were riding




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