1) Our teacher --- us lots of homework. a) always gives b) is always giving c) has always given d) has always been giving 2) --- near the park? a) Does Bill live b) Is Bill living c) Has Bill lives d) Has Bill been living 3) --- this book for months and months. a) We write b) We’re writing c) We’ve written d) We’ve been writing 4) --- three books. a) Simon writes b) Simon’s writing c) Simon’s written d) Simon’s been writing 5) Archie --- his computer at the moment. a) doesn't use b) isn't using c) hasn't used d) hasn't been using 6) How many times --- this exam? a) do you take b) are you taking c) have you taken d) have you been taking 7) People --- English in Jamaica. a) speak b) is speaking c) has spoken d) has been speaking 8) --- today. I'm on holiday. a) I don't work b) I'm not working c) I haven't worked d) I haven't been working 9) --- tennis this Sunday? a) Do you play b) Are you playing c) Have you played d) Have you been playing 10) What time ---? a) does the first train leave b) is the first train leaving c) has the first train left d) has the first train been leaving 11) --- everything! a) I do b) I’am doing c) I’ve done d) I’ve been doing 12) What’s that delicious smell? --- a) Do you cook? b) Are you cooking? c) Have you cooked? d) Have you been cooking?

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 20 - Practice 1




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