1) Which word has a welded sound? a) bolt b) truck c) bug d) ship 2) Why is ild an exception to closed syllable? a) there is a consonant after the i b) the i is long c) the i is short d) there is not an e at the end 3) Which syllable is closed? a) she b) gate c) at d) me 4) Which sentence has the correct spelling? a) Ware are they? b) Were are they? c) Where are thay? d) Where are they? 5) Which word does NOT have a digraph? a) shack b) wild c) whip d) chin 6) Which word has a diagraph blend? a) brunch b) task c) find d) milk 7) What sentence is spelled correctly? a) They were told to not go. b) Thay where told to not go. c) They where told to not go. d) Thay wer told to not go. 8) All of the following are exceptions to closed syllabled EXCEPT: a) ind b) ild c) ost d) olt e) old f) at 9) The word script has the same vowel sound as the word... a) wild b) find c) big d) bite 10) Which word has a blend? a) lip b) ship c) slip d) sip 11) Where does the diagraph CK go in words? a) anywhere b) only at the end c) only at the beginning d) only in the middle 12) When do words end with -ck? a) If they have a short vowel b) If they have a blend c) If they begin with a d d) If they have a long vowel 13) Which syllable is closed? a) child b) soft c) my d) find 14) What letters are bonus letters? a) d, b, g b) s, f, m c) s, f, l d) s, r, w 15) What letter can sometimes be a BONUS letter? a) r b) g c) m d) z

Just Words Unit 2


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