Have you ever fotgotten _____________ (do) your homework because you were too busy talking to your friends?, Have you ever stopped _____ (take) part in extracurricular activities because you didn't enjoy them?, Would you like to try ______ (learn) a new language?, Have you ever regretted __________ (say) something about your friends?, If you saw a crying person would you stop ______ (ask) what's wrong?, How can we encourage people _______ (learn) English?, What do you do in order _______ (stay) healthy?, Should parents let their children ______ (make) their own decisions?, What are you looking forward ________ (do) this summer and why?, Do you think that it's crazy ______ (say) that one day robots will replace teachers?, Would you rather _______ (have) more time or more money?, Do you think it's interesting ______ (study) abroad?.




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