1) Which words Follow the Cry Baby Rule? a) smoky b) ply c) tricky d) sky e) crocus f) blacken 2) Which words follow the Picnic Chicken Basket Rule? a) jacket b) happy c) napkin d) spoken e) recant f) baby 3) Which words follow the Happy Rule? a) traffic b) rubbish c) tidy d) gramy e) lofy f) hiccup 4) Almost All a) public b) almost c) salt d) also e) small f) blacken 5) Which word follow the Campus Confess Rule? a) discuss b) success c) rubbish d) crisis e) census f) hiccup 6) Which words follow the Confident Rule? a) unity b) animal c) detriment d) all e) almost f) compliment 7) Which words follow the Banana Rule? a) aristocrat b) rotunda c) vendetta d) comma e) happy f) confess 8) Which are Open Syllables? a) pop b) for c) ball d) go e) hi f) pro 9) Which words follow the Texas Blossom Rule? a) bacon b) custom c) Texas d) blatant e) gospel f) pretzel 10) Which words follow the Cancel Pencil Rule? a) pretzel b) Texas c) gospel d) fossil e) pencil f) blatant 11) Which words follow the Music Trick Rule a) panic b) hectic c) track d) lady e) shady f) mink 12) Which is your best rule you learned in Book 4? a) Schwa (Campus Confess, Texas Blossom, Cancel Pencil, Confident, B b) Almost All c) Cry Baby d) Picnic Chicken Basket e) Happy f) Music Trick

Barton Level 4 Rule Review


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