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pig out - eat too much, wolf down - eat very quickly , bookworm - someone who loves reading, talk turkey - speak honestly and openly, copycat - someone who copies another person, chicken - not be brave enough, work like a dog - work vey hard, horse around - play instead of working, as blind as a bat - have very poor eyesight, rain cats and dogs - heavy rain, social butterfly - people's person, red tape - official paperwork, green with envy - very jealous, catch smb red-handed - catch smb doing something bad/illegal, feel blue - very sad, in black and white - very clear, in the red - lack money, a white lie - not a harmful lie, once in a blue moon - very rarely, black sheep - troublemaker in a family/community, the black market - illegal source, monkey on one's back - problem, a bird brain - stupid, have a frog in one's throat - can't talk, out of the blue - unexpectedly and suddenly, have a green thumb - be good at gardening, a cash cow - profitable business, as quiet as a mouse - very shy,

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