1) I ____________ (see) three police cars this morning (it’s still morning). a) 've seen b) saw 2) After he ____________ (arrive) home, he ____________ (unpack) and ____________ (go) to bed early. a) 's arrived / 's unpacked / 's gone b) arrived / unpacked / went 3) A: What’s wrong? B: I ____________ (break) a glass! a) 've broken b) broke 4) My grandparents only ____________ (know) each other for a few months before they ____________ (get) married. a) 've known / 've got b) knew / got 5) I ____________ (be) in London for three years. I love it here. a) 've been b) was 6) We ____________ (see) Julie last night. a) 've seen b) saw 7) He ____________ (be) a teacher before he ____________ (become) a musician. a) was / became b) 's been / 's become 8) When the boss ____________ (walk) into the room, we ____________ (know) someone was going to get fired. a) 's walked / 've known b) walked / knew 9) The children ____________ (break) a window in the school last week. a) broke b) 've broken 10) He ____________ (see) that film last year. a) 's seen b) saw 11) Lucy ____________ (break) her leg, so she can’t come skiing. a) has broken b) broke 12) Julie ____________ (arrive)! Come and say hello! a) arrived b) 's arrived 13) They ____________ (be) cold when they ____________ (arrive) home. a) were / arrived b) 've been / 've arrived 14) Jack ____________ (break) his arm when he ____________ (fall) off a horse in 2005. a) 's broken / 's fallen b) broke / fell 15) I ____________ (know) about the problem for months, but I ____________ (not / find) a solution yet. a) 've known / haven't found b) knew / didn't find 16) A: When ____________ (you / arrive)? B: At 10pm last night. a) have you arrived b) did you arrive 17) She ____________ (be) a teacher for ten years, and she still enjoys it. a) 's been b) was 18) How long ____________ (you / know) Jill? I know you see her often. a) did you know b) have you known 19) I ____________ (see) the sea before. a) have never seen b) never saw 20) A: Hello B: Hi Mum, it’s me. I just wanted to say I ____________ (arrive) safely and everything is fine. a) arrived b) 've arrived

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