1) I ____________ to Vienna. a) 've never been b) never was 2) My great great grandfather ____________ five sisters a) 's had b) had 3) He ____________ in Manila for a year when he was a student. a) lived b) 's lived 4) Oh no! I ____________ my wallet! a) lost b) 've lost 5) ____________ Julie today? a) Have you seen b) Did you see 6) At the weekend, they ____________ football, then they ____________ to a restaurant. a) 've playes / 've gone b) played / went 7) I ____________ six books this week. a) 've read b) read 8) Amy ____________ in Portugal when she was young. a) 's lived b) lived 9) She ____________ her grandmother last month. a) visited b) 's visited 10) The Vandals ____________ Rome in the year 455. a) have invaded b) invaded 11) She ____________ in seven different countries, so she knows a lot about different cultures. a) 's lived b) lived 12) I ____________ to the cinema last night. a) 've gone b) went 13) Ow! I ____________ my finger! a) 've cut b) cut 14) ____________ ‘The King’s Speech’? a) Did you see b) Have you seen 15) John ____________ the present perfect. a) 's never understood b) never understood 16) She ____________ her leg the day before her exam. a) 's broken b) broke 17) We ____________ Oliver yesterday. a) saw b) 've seen 18) He ____________ here all morning. a) was b) 's been 19) They ____________ here for many years (and they still do). a) 've lived b) lived 20) King Henry the Eighth of England ____________ six wives a) has had b) had

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