1) He ________ (drink) beer before the acciddent _______ (happen). 2) I ________ (already / read) the book so I wasn't happy when I got it as a present. 3) Kate was sleepy that morning because she ________ (go) to a party the night before. 4) What______________(you,do) when I____________(call) you? 5) She wanted to pay when she noticed that she ______ (forget) her wallet. 6) Their faces were red. They __________ (not / put on) any sun cream in the morning. 7) I ________ (lie) on the sofa when the doorbell _________ (ring). 8) Mark was tired because he ________ (work) in the garden all morning. 9) She ________ (borrow) her parents' car a few times before she ________ (get) her own. 10) Someone ________ (steal) my bike while I _______ (do) shopping.

123Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Continuous


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