Token Economy: Based on the theory of Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement strengthens behaviour, Also known as the 'Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme', The institution draws up a list of desirable behaviours, Inmates receive tokens for desired behaviours, Tokens are exchanged for rewards/privileges, Uses selective reinforcement , Only effective in the short term, Lacks generalisation to the outside world, There have been infringements on human rights , Offenders return to crime more slowly, Aversion Therapy: Based on the work of Eysenck, Can be used to change behaviour of sex offenders, Criticised for human rights abuse such as trying to treat homosexuality, Aim is to stop sexual thoughts and thus stop offending behaviour in sex offenders, Criminals are harder to condition as they are resistant to learn through punishment, Criminals tend to be extrovert and neurotic, Controversial with very limited success, Limited in terms of which type of offenders it would work with,

Unit 2 AC4.1 Individualistic Policies - Operant Conditioning and Aversion Therapy




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