resistance - is the idea that some social groups can reject capitalism through becoming deviant and criminal or acting in unexpected ways., subcultural neo-Marxism - criminals resist capitalism by having alternative value system, traditional Marxism - criminals are victims of class struggle, new criminology - criminals are challenging capitalism and require deeper study to be understood, structural neo-Marxism - there is a failure to properly investigate middle-class crime, neo-Marxism - _________ is not one single approach to crime and deviance., interactionism - subcultural neo-Marxism uses methods drawn from _________, delinquency - Neo-Marxist using sub-cultural approaches to crime and deviance worked with youth groups to understand _________ and crime. , capitalism - subcultural neo-Marxist claimed that some youth groups had seen through __________ and developed their own cultures as a response., ruling class - new criminologists argued that laws are created to serve the interests of the _________. The working classes are more likely to be caught and labelled.,




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