What three facts can you tell us about the House of Lords?, What are green and white papers in Parliament?, Explain the Literal Rule, Name three agencies of the justice system, What are the two models of criminal justice?, Identify three features of the due process model of justice, Identify three features of the crime control model of justice, Using Freud where do we get internal social control?, Referring to Hirschi discuss Control theory, Name three aims of punishment, Explain restorative justice, Explain a suspended sentence, Explain a conditional discharge, Give two examples of the philosophy of the CPS, How may prisons are there ? How many are Category A? , Name three working practices of the Probation Service, Discuss Nacro, Name two tests the CPS use when deciding to prosecute, What is the approx. annual cost of keeping a Category A prisoner? , What two oaths do judges swear?.


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