1) Who drives a bus? a) Car driver b) Bus driver c) golfer d) buses 2) Who serves you at a restaurant? a) Waitress b) chef c) Librarian d) Doctor 3) Who delivers your mail? a) Chef b) Dentist   c) waitress d) Mail carrier 4) Who helps you when your sick? a) Librarian b) Dentist c) Bus driver d) Doctor 5) Who puts out fires? a) Fireman b) Police Officer c) Dentist d) Doctor 6) Who cleans your teeth? a) Mail carrier b) Doctor  c) Dentist d) Waitress 7) Who makes food at a restaurants? a) Waitress b) Chef c) Mail carrier d) Bus driver 8) Who grows food for us to eat? a) Chef b) Waitress c) Farmer d) Librarian 9) Who works in a library? a) Waitress b) Librarian c) Farmer d) Mail carrier 10) Who do you give money to when paying for an item? a) Cashier b) Mail carrier c) Chef d) Dentist 11) Who teaches you at school? a) Farmer b) Principle c) Teacher d) Cashier 12) Who bakes sweets? a) Cashier b) Teacher c) Doctor d) Baker 13) Who keeps track of the rules in a sports game? a) Referee b) Teacher c) Baker d) Farmer  14) Who cleans the school? a) Baker b) Janitor c) Waitress d) Librarian 15) Who helps sick or injured animals? a) Veterinarian b) Bus driver c) Dentist d) Chef 16) Who arrest criminals and stops crime? a) Dentist b) Fireman c) Janitor  d) Police Officer 17) Who goes to school to learn? a) Fireman b) Chef c) Student d) Librarian 18) Who helps the doctor? a) Nurse b) Dentist c) Chef d) Waitress 19) Who protects our country? a) Farmer b) Soldier c) Bus Driver d) Janitor 20) Who fixes the sink? a) Plumber b) Soldier  c) Bus Driver d) Chef 21) Who helps you when you swim? a) Plumber b) Life Guard c) Librarian d) Waitress 22) Who tells the news? a) Life Guard b) Waitress c) Doctor d) Reporter 23) Who drives people to the hospital? a) Paramedic b) Life Guard c) Mail Carrier d) Waitress 24) Who is in charge of the school? a) Janitor b) Paramedic c) Principle d) Nurse 25) Who answers the phone in the school office? a) Chef b) Janitor c) Student d) Secretary

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