1) My mum _____ today. a) don't work b) doesn't work c) isn't working 2) _____ your dad _____ you every day? a) do/call b) does/call c) is/calling 3) Peter _____ on the phone at the moment. a) talk b) talks c) is talking 4) Elisabeth usually ______ to bed at 11pm. a) go b) goes c) is going 5) Matthew _____ in Spain. a) don't live b) doesn't live c) isn't living 6) George and Harry _________________________ their chores at the moment. a) do b) are doing c) is doing 7) A: Where is mum? B: She ____________________ a cup of coffee in the living room. a) has b) is having 8) She _______________ this film! a) is loving b) loves c) love 9) What ____________________ right now? a) do you do b) you doing c) are you doing 10) Frank _____________ his room on Saturdays. a) is tidying b) tidy c) tidies

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