1) I usually ..... to school by bus, but this week I ..... on foot.  a) go / goes b) go / am going c) am going / go 2) My mum often ..... tea for breakfast, but today she ..... milk. a) drink / is drinking b) is drinking / drinks c) drinks / is drinking 3) My sister ..... a history book today, but she usually ..... fantasy books. a) reads / is reading b) is reading / read c) is reading / reads 4) This week we ..... football in the park, but we usually ..... in the gym. a) are playing / play b) play / are playing c) are playing / plays 5) My brother often ..... me with maths, but today he ..... me because he is very busy. a) help / isn't helping b) helps / isn't helping c) helps / doesn't help 6) Lucy often ..... spaghetti for lunch, but this week she ..... takeaway. a) cooks / is ordering b) cooks / is order c) cooks / orders 7) I usually ..... my friends in the afternoon, but today we ..... in the evening. a) meets / are meeting  b) meet / are meeting c) meet / are meet 8) They often ..... emails to each other, but today they ..... a) write / text b) are writing / are texting c) write / are texting 9) We often ..... lunch at the school canteen, but this week we ..... lunch at home. a) eat / are eating b) are eating / eat c) eat / is eating 10) My friend ..... much longer this week, but he usually ..... early. a) sleeps / gets up b) is sleeping / gets up c) is sleeping / get up

Present Continuous for temporary actions

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