1) What’s the matter? a) I am fond of music. b) I have a toothache. c) Sorry. 2) Why did you lie to her? That was wrong. a) Shame on you! b) Good luck! c) Bad luck! 3) Shall I help you? a) Yes, I shall. b) Yes, that’s very kind of you. c) No, you shall. 4) I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do it. a) You’re welcome. b) Don’t mention it. c) No way! 5) Why don’t we go to the cinema today? a) Don’t mention it. b) That’s a good idea. c) No problem. 6) Hello. This is Alan speaking. Can I talk to Peter? a) You’re welcome. b) Hold on a second, please. c) Don't talk to me like that! 7) Your friend is ill. What can you say? a) Get well soon. b) How do you do? c) How much do you spend on medicine? 8) Your friend has got a birthday. a) Happy anniversary! b) Many happy returns! c) I wish you all the worst! 9) Where can I try it on? a) The changing room is over there. b) Go ahead! c) The trying room is over there. 10) You have just eaten a piece of cake, but you are still hungry. a) Can I get a second helping? b) Can I get some help? c) Can I get the whole cake?




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